It’s almost safe to say that 90% of Australians have been to Bali, Indonesia.  In my case however, it took like forever before I finally got around to flying there.  I was a Bali virgin for the longest time and it was a running joke among friends how I’ve been everywhere, except well, Bali. So while en route to Jakarta one time, I decided that a stopover in Bali should be in place, once and for all.

My friends and I stayed at the InterContinental Bali Resort in Jimbaran.  The hotel boasts an infinity pool that faces the beach and you get a spectacular sunset view. Which also means you get natural lighting from the sun for that no-filter-postcard-perfect-profile-picture you’ll be showing off to everyone. Lol 🙂


Happy hour starts early 🙂  I’m not sure if I had Bintang beer but alcohol is fairly cheap.  I have to say though that I didn’t see any sign where it says “Don’t drink and swim”, but repeat after moi: “Don’t drink and swim!”



The view from the hotel terrace. I really love these white tables and chairs!


Now a trip to Bali is not complete without experiencing a Balinese massage.  Massages range from as little as AUD$7.  I kinda went overboard and did a 3 hour massage/spa downtown but after 2 hours, I was bored already.   


I also love traditional Indonesian food. Kinda reminds me of Filipino food, just spicier but I love spicy food so win-win.  Anyway, just a few blocks from the hotel are numerous restaurants on the beach that you can choose from. 


Bali sunset. No filter required. Amazeball.  


Until next time, Terima kasih