Let me tell you about one of my favourite beaches/campsites here in Western Australia.  It’s an absolutely gorgeous location just over 2 hours drive north of Perth (plus 13km north of Jurien Bay).

What makes this beach special aside from the obvious, clear blue skies, blue green waters (the coastal area is called “Turquoise Coast” for good reason), is the sparkling white sand dunes.

Yes, them sand dunes baby, you can go sand boarding down the white sand dunes then head straight to the beach. Awesome!!!

Perfect spot for chillaxing

ImageIt’s a bit of a hike to go up but well worth it going down 🙂

ImageSand boarding makes me feel like a lil kid all over again.

ImageIt’s pet friendly too!

ImageLike your own private beach

ImageSee ya there in summer. Xoxo