So when friends ask what my most favourite city is in the US, a lot of times they’re surprised when I don’t say New York or LA. Don’t get me wrong, I love New York and LA but I didn’t expect to fall for the southern charms of New Orleans.

Let me just say it.  I freaking love New Orleans.

When Emma and I were planning our big US adventure, we decided to stay in NOLA for 2 days only and it was like one of our biggest regrets ever because we totally fell inlove with the place.

In the 2 days that we were there, we were able to see the good and even the really bad side of NOLA (we did the Hurricane Katrina Tour and stayed in the ghetto side of town) but it kind of added to the charm.

We saw some very interesting stuff like people having birthday celebration on the streets, boys driving their fancy cars really slow on the road, windows down, playing really loud hip-hop music.

And the girls in the ghetto we’re all dressed up in colourful body cons and shiny blings.  These girls are all very well endowed too, front and back, and Emma and I would look at each other feeling inadequate hahaha. Oh and everywhere we turn we seem to see that word “Who Dat!” and then we started to wonder what ‘who dat’ was all about.

NOLA is also where our love affair with saying “Y’all” started and where our obsession with southern fried chicken and beignets began. After NOLA It seemed like other fried chicken we’d try from other southern states just don’t cut the mark.

We’d have fried chicken for lunch and then we’d have fried chicken for dinner.  It really felt like if we stayed there longer, my boobs will get bigger from all the chicken I’ve been eating.  I think that the best fried chicken I had in NOLA was in Magnolia Grill in Decatur street.  It was worth the 20 minutes wait. To this day I still dream of their crispy on the outside, tender and juicy fried chicken.

In the mornings (before we stuff our faces with fried chicken) we’d have the famous beignets from Cafe Du Monde.   Beignets is just a square piece of dough, fried and covered with powdered sugar. I swear it sounds (and look) so simple, but taste so heavenly.

Aside from their food, I also love the historical architectures of NOLA.  Fascinating mixture of antebellum and European architecture.  I love how the tiniest of detail can have so much history, like how the design of a particular pillar or awning can depict the owners social status.  It’s like stepping back in time and in that journey you have a rocking live music in the background.


Chillin like a villain at Morning Call. 


The best beignets however goes to: Cafe Du Monde


How not to eat beignets 🙂


Hands down, the best fried chicken I’ve had in US was from this retro diner in Decatur street called Magnolia Grill.


We also love The Praline Connection in the Frenchmen area and had a feast of (you guessed it), fried chicken, catfish, jambalaya and gumbo.

It’s also where I got a romantic proposal from the waiter that looked like Jaime Foxx named Eye, who served us this yummy dish. He gave us free dessert and asked me to move to New Orleans and stay with him and find a job 🙂  Haha smooth.


Also stumbled upon a Banksy graffiti in the ghetto area we were staying on our way to Walmart 🙂  I had to climb a fence to take this shot.  They put a glass to help preserve it, and the locals just ignore it.  


St. Louis cemetery 3, so very Interview with the Vampire ❤  One of the many European-style Catholic cemeteries.  


One of the cute shops in Royal Street, my fave street and fave shop of Emma, the queen of chandeliers 🙂


For some reason, this reminds me of Disneyland 🙂 Emma beaming here with happiness


Mississippi River


Trying the oldest known American cocktail, Sazerac.  Way too strong for me.


Not gonna leave NOLA without enjoying some live jazz music. We decided to enjoy our sazerac at The Spotted Cat Music Club and we’re serenaded by this awesome band.


Here at the famous Bourbon Street.  Unfortunately, it’s my least favourite place in New Orleans.  


So many beautiful live oak trees. 


Such a magical place, they start them young here.



Can’t wait to go back next year and hopefully stay a lil bit longer.

Much love x