When Emma and I decided that we were going to do a side trip to Canada, specifically to see Niagara Falls, I had this vision of you know strong, big cascading waterfalls like “God is about to take you” but when we got there on the 2nd of April this year, that wasn’t the case.

The Niagara falls we saw was frozen.


Well not completely frozen, but frozen enough that we couldn’t do the famous Maid of the Mist boat ride. I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to ride the boat but at the same time, I was also glad that I got to see Niagara Falls in its frozen glory.

It’s different and majestic just the same.

Going there in springtime (so we thought) we anticipated nice spring weather, so mentally and physically, our tiny bodies were not prepared for the ‘extreme’ cold weather (when you live in Australia, anything below 10 degrees is considered winter).

It wasn’t even full on snowing that day, just tiny droplets of snow, but for some reason, we we’re just so effingly cold.  It was insane. I thought I was going to die of hypothermia or something that as much as I was excited to see snow again, I was way too cold to enjoy it.

You see I love snow.

I actually cried the first time I saw snow in Switzerland a few years back. I went up to Jungfrau which is like the third-highest mountain of the Swiss Alps, and the snow-capped mountains were like glaringly white (you have to wear shades kinda-white beautiful), I cried. One of the Canadian girls travelling with us on the train thought it was hilarious, but growing up in the Philippines and living in Australia now, we don’t get snow. We only see snow glorified in movies and TV,  so to see and feel something, you’ve only ever seen on TV/movies all your life for the very first time, is surreal.

Saying that, I will probably hate snow if I have to see it every day.

Anyho, back to our Niagara trip, it also didn’t help that we weren’t wearing proper winter clothes. It was a good thing we stopped by Walmart in Buffalo to buy some extra coats and layers,  but even those were not enough.  I remember one of the clerks laughed at us when we asked for thermals, apparently round that time they’re already selling bikini’s -_-

I don’t think I’d survive Niagara without this cute $5 beanie from Walmart, Buffalo.  You can see the frozen Niagara falls on the background.


Panoramic shot of (frozen) Niagara Falls, my camera doesn’t  do it justice.


That’s me holding on to Emma, like my life depended on her. Lips shaking. Excuse our outfits, we look like dorks.

Image Image

Emma braving the cold


Yeah, pretending I’m cool and collected here haha.


We went early morning and there were hardly any other tourists, best time to go. 


We had our lunch at Skylon Tower’s Revolving Dining Room.  It provides a fantastic view of Niagara Falls, of both the US and Canada side.


The views from the Skylon Tower

Image photo3 photo1

I would love to go back there in summer time and ride the Maid of Mist and get up close the waterfalls.  I think that I will appreciate it even more after seeing it in its awesome frozen state.  It truly is one of our worlds greatest wonder of nature.

Chillingly yours,