So I was quite late to the party but after living in Western Australia for 13 years, I finally got around to visiting one of its famous tourist attraction’s, the weirdly amazing Wave Rock.


I think it’s aptly named because this rock is so badass, you see Wave Rock is a natural rock formation shaped like a giant ocean wave. It also happens to be 2.63 billion years old and is said to have cultural significance to the Aborigines.

Anyway, Wave Rock is situated in Hyden, a small town 292 km east-southeast of Perth.  It’s approximately 4 hours drive from Perth, so you can easily plan it as a day trip.  Mind you there’s not much to see in Hyden other than Wave Rock so a day trip will suffice (unless you’re a geologist or you just really like rocks).

We left Perth around 7Am and I was lucky to tag along friends that day so I didn’t have to worry about driving and being fully awake on the road.  We did a few stops for toilet breaks and to stretch our legs, mine just happened to also include lying on the middle of the road and what not 🙂


Literally in the middle of nowhere. Wolf creek, anyone?

IMG_6830 IMG_6837

When we got to the town center, we decided to have lunch first. There’s a fairly decent size picnic area but we brought cooked food and snacks so I don’t know whether there’s a barbeque facility available.


Macaron love

From the picnic area it was just a short drive to the site.  Don’t remember paying for the entrance fee but make sure you have some coins to pay for parking.

My first glimpse of “the rock”


My awkwardness shining through.  Apparently some tourists were taking my pictures while I was crawling. The surface was quite slippery.IMG_6862

IMG_7005Obviously I didn’t get the memo.


Other rock formations nearby which are also part of Hyden Rock include the Hippos Yawn and The Humps IMG_6903


My big thanks to Marissa and Jemasep for tagging me along.  I may not be a big rock freak but this rock is totally worth visiting.

Happy trails xoxo