If there was a contest for the most photogenic destination from my recent travels, the winner will undoubtedly be, Santorini.

It’s like every camera whores dream destination because there’s always  a postcard perfect photo opportunity waiting to be captured.  I could write an entire nobela gibbering about the multicoloured cliffs soaring over 300 meters from the caldera, the low-lying cubical houses made of whitewashed local stones that glimmer in the sun, the golden sunset that create the most enchanting backdrop, the nicest most accommodating people and the food oh my effing gawd, the food. Anyway, I won’t bore you. I will say, however, that Santorini, is one of the most enchanting, fun, elegant, beautiful, paradise in the world.

Golden Star hotel was our home in Santorini.  Can’t recommend this place enough.  We get magical blue nights for our balcony views at night… 


and just as magical during day time


 The very first meal I had in Santorini was at Taverna El Greco, where I had the biggest calamari and the guy serving us gave us free glasses of red wine. Yay.


Emma and I decided to try the fish pedi for the first time and we were screaming and laughing the whole time.


 My first glimpse of the Nea Kameni volcano.  This was basically an ordinary-everyday sight here in Santorini. Unreal.


White on white.  The “No white on labor day rule” does not apply in this place obviously.


 Almost dressed in white (almost)


Having my ‘Not all those who wander are lost’ moment here.


Fellow tourists braving the wind and fog to capture Santorini’s golden sunset.


Not even the fog, can rain on the Sun’s parade.


I got my now almost perma tan while galavanting around Europe in the summer.  It was extremely hot to wander around town centre during the day so we usually just end up staying in our room watching cable or swim in the pool.   IMG_6596

I love seafood and I was on seafood heaven in Santorini.  We’ve tried a couple of restaurants around town but our favourite would have to be Pelican  Kinttos.  I was totally obsessed with their mussel dish that I ordered a second serving.

IMG_6635 2

And then after eating breakfast or lunch at Pelican Kinttos, we’d go to the adjacent crepe place for dessert.  Their crepes were almost as good as the ones in Paris.


We try and burn the calories by walking till our feet hurt


My trip is not complete without my now infamous “door pic



Aside from the extreme heat, the only other thing I didn’t like about Santorini was the crazy winds.  One time we were planning to walk to Oia and we had to turn around because we’re literally getting blown away.  Got more wind effect than I wanted.

IMG_7023 IMG_7001 IMG_6963 IMG_3023

Imagine if you have sleep walking issues and you live on these cliffs?


I didn’t make it to Brazil to watch the FIFA World Cup, but being in Europe was the next best thing.  Our dinner highlights involved watching the games at restaurants. Of course we were backing the Aussie team so when the Australian Socceroos scored against the Netherlands I was like screaming inside Dionysos restaurant. The yellow donkey beer made me do it. Loll


A crazy thing happened on our way to Oia.  Rented a rather old quad bike to explore the island but didn’t bother to use a map so ended up driving on the narrowest, most cliffy, zigzaggy road in Santorini.  It was pretty cruisey, until I realised I had been driving on the wrong side of the road.  The worst part was when I forgot to take off the handle bar and I couldn’t steer properly and couldn’t turn properly, so Emma who’s super tiny, had to push the bike a few times (bless her).  We definitely provided a few laughs among passerby that day, but we’re too busy laughing at ourselves as well.  Definitely one for the travel books.


Never appreciated power steering until I drove this on an uphill, winding road.


Suffice to say, we made it to Oia in one piece 🙂


I would happily drive that rusty quad-bike again just to see this view.


The lengths I’d go to take a good shot eh? Slippery when wet lol.



 One of my favourite shots in Oia, trying to work with the wind. Werk it.


Making sure I was having my Greek food fix before we leave. IMG_7038


On our last day in Santorini, Emma and I decided to check out Red Beach which was located in the prehistoric town of Akrotiri.  I didn’t know it will involved some kind of hiking to reach it.


Made E for Effort going down the cliffs to check out Red Beach in super high heels and in scorching heat.

IMG_7267 IMG_7261

Oh Santorini, you’re just too beautiful. You gave me so many magical memories that I would not swap for all the Chanel in the world. Please take me back!


Love and light,