Two weeks ago, my friend Anne asked if I wanted to join their long weekend road trip to Kalbarri and I thought, hmmm why not, I haven’t got anything planned and I needed to get away because I was going through some personal issues (i.e. mending a broken heart) and a road trip would be (is always) a perfect distraction.

Actually I’ve been to Kalbarri before, in the summer of 2011.  I remember the temperature reaching 47 degrees celsius (116 degrees Fahrenheit) and even for someone who grew up in a tropical country, I still struggled.

There are places/sites that once you’ve visited, you can literally cross off your list and be happy to never EVER go back. Kalbarri is obviously not one of those places.  To quote my friend Chris, those famous Tumbalooga sandstone rocks have been around for 450 million years.  That’s a bloody long time, and those rocks command respect.

In the two times I visited Kalbarri, I went with two amazing groups of people and on each trips made amazing memories. As the cliche goes, it’s not always the destination, it’s the journey and it’s the people you’re with too.

Kalbarri is a 6 hour drive from Perth but there are plenty of super cool places that you can stop and check on the way, to break the long trip. There’s the Pinnacles, Lancelin and Jurien Bay to name a few. Did all three stops on my first Kalbarri trip but only did two on the last one.

Our first stop was Lancelin.  Lancelin and it’s famous white sand dunes. I’ll try and do a lot of fun things in high heels. I rarely shock my friends anymore, so me wearing cowboy boots on sand dunes is pretty normal.image-4


image-7 Our next stop was Jurien Bay, we stopped at the park to prepare and cook our lunch.  In Australia it’s all about barbecue, and when you throw in Filipino’s and Brazilian’s on the mix, then expect to find some interesting food on the grill. Like chicken heart on sticks for instance, good for the soul. IMG_6917 image-7 copy


We arrived in Kalbarri just in time to catch the sunset.


IMG_6991 I like living on the edge, much to the horror of my girl friends (sorry Mom).image-8 image-9 IMG_7053


The one thing I HATE (with feelings) and a lot of people who’ve been to Kalbarri will agree, are the flies. Bloody flies, you cannot escape them.  image-14

IMG_7086 IMG_7075 IMG_7091 IMG_7100 IMG_7168 IMG_7170 IMG_7171

The Z Bend lookoutIMG_7134

IMG_7141 Last day in Kalbarri and making the most of it!IMG_7181 Thankful to these peeps for adopting me for the long weekend. image-16

On our way back to Perth in search of The Pink Lake, we found it but just couldn’t find a way to get to it.IMG_7193

The Pink Lake would have to be another post my friends.IMG_7196

Until the next road trip.

Love and light,