I had been meaning to post something unrelated to travel for a while now but just wasn’t sure which topic to focus on.  I thought it still has to be something I’m passionate about but at the same time, something that I don’t often talk about as well (if that makes sense).

Today I’m sharing some of the paintings and drawings I’ve done over the years. I’m not sure if I should call it my hidden talent because if you follow me on Instagram or if you’re my friend on Facebook then you’d have seen some of the stuff before.

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. I started out with just using crayons and coloured pens/pencils (very low key) and it was only around five years ago that I started painting and discovered oil and acrylic.  The reason I decided to do a painting in the first place was because I wanted to create a vivid focal point in my old apartment’s lounge area, but I didn’t want to splurge on some expensive artwork that I don’t even like so I thought ‘What if I create my own artwork instead?’.  After deciding what to paint, I got some used canvas which I covered with white primer to reuse.   It just so happen that the used canvas was rather big and aside from not having an easel, painting on a larger scale prove to be quite challenging.  But as they say Go Big or Go Home right?


Unfinished Astroboy

Because I didn’t have an easel and couldn’t be arsed to buy one, I had to paint on the floor.  Aside from suffering backaches, I had to make sure I didn’t drip oil paint all over my carpet. For three consecutive nights after work, I would stay up super late but each time getting more and more excited with the progress.


Astroboy, my very first oil painting

My blending technique was not very good then, but I was still very happy with my first oil painting.  I grew up watching Astro Boy and a few years back,  while I was holidaying in Melbourne, I went to see Osamu Tezuka’s exhibit with my friends and fell in love with the gigantic drawings of Astro Boy and I guess it stuck with me and that’s why I wanted to have a piece of Astro Boy in my own home as well. To this day, my Astro Boy painting remains one of my favourite.

After Astro Boy, I have made numerous other paintings. I have only ever sold one painting and I have only ever given one painting (which I still regret). Below are some of my old artworks. I have stayed true with my Geekiness all these years.


My Psylocke and Matsuo drawing circa 1998 (X-Men).


My Dragon Ball Z drawing circa 1997


My V for Vendetta painting (2012)


My Wonder Woman drawing (2013)

Earlier this year, I started working on my biggest painting to date. I have always been a fan of Roy Lichtenstein but since I could never afford to buy any of his painting, decided to make my own as well.


My cat checking out my initial sketch


Did the outlining in our backyard which was very therapeutic.

image image-6

My interpretation of Roy Lichtenstein’s ‘Girl with Hair Ribbon’ oil painting on a 40×40 (inches) canvas. Approved by my beloved cat, Mr. Olly Meowbert.

I still plan to recreate two more Lichtenstein paintings when I am feeling inspired to paint again. Actually, I’m just waiting for the canvases to go on sale lol! Saying that, watching my artwork evolve is still great fun and very rewarding. Hoping to explore water-colour next.