Can I let you in a little secret? Well more like a fantasy 🙂

I have this dream of living in this beautiful South Western European city one day… a dream of living in the vivacious, exciting and beautiful city of Madrid.

I don’t know whether it’s due to my Spanish heritage but there’s just something about Madrid that’s so beguiling to me. I’ve been to Barcelona as well but I did not love it as much as I did the Spanish capital.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to turn this dream into a reality, but for now, browsing through my Madrid pictures will have to do.


The iconic Plaza de Cibeles

I came to Spain for these… paella and sangria,  my favourite food/drink in the world.


Found the most perfect door (well perfect for my door picture series). Surrounded by a wall full of jasmine inside this amazing not-so-secret garden.


Cactus lusting at Real Jardin Botanico de Madrid

Aside from my favourite chorizo, got hooked on eating jamon iberico, which is a staple in Madrid (and maybe whole of Spain).  Here eating this yummy jamon iberico pizza from Sol, just near our hood in Sta. Ana.



When madhatter met headless soldier.  Match made in heaven lol! He’s just one of the many creative and sometimes crazy street performers found in Plaza Mayor. Talk about charmers!


Inside one of the oldest and most beautiful markets in Madrid.  The Mercado de San Miguel.  The food here are so cheap and so yummy.


One of my best dining experience in Madrid happened in the oldest restaurant in the world. The Restaurante Sobrino De Botin.  Everything in this place was amazeballs that no wonder Hemingway loved the place.


The basement section of Restaurante Sobrino De Botin.


This would have to be the most potent sangria I’ve ever had, Emma and I were tipsy as and to this day had no recollection how we found our way back to our apartment without falling flat on our faces.


Woke up like this, literally!  After our late lunch at Botin, and finding our way back to our apartment, I fell asleep.  I woke up when I heard Emma calling from the other room suggesting we should get some fresh air and churros.  For the love of siesta.


My Spanish was put to test when we ventured into this tapas area that was recommended by a local.  The waitress will only talk to me in Spanish. Somehow I managed to order these.

image-2 image-3

We stayed in this cute apartment in Plaza de Santa Ana area, which is like a food hub and a happening place.  There’s always fun music and delightful food aroma in every corner. I was in food and music heaven.


A glimpse of Palacio de Cristal or Crystal Palace. It was built back in the late 1800 to exhibit the flora and fauna from my home county Philippines.  Now it’s mainly used for exhibit and a place where people can read their book.

IMG_2467 IMG_2469

A closer look at the beautiful and intricate, Crystal Palace.


I love that they dedicated the whole park to literature.  I’ve never seen so many book stalls in my life.  It encourages love for reading books, which I believe is the next best escape, after travel.  The fact that you get to read your favourite book inside a beautiful palace, makes it extra special.


You can’t sit with us!


I just love the idea that they sell books in the park, just genius.

IMG_2480 IMG_2479

Feeding the fat kid inside in my fave, Mercado de San Miguel 🙂


Espero volver a verte pronto Madrid!

Ti amo,