As part of my post birthday shenanigans, I decided to go on an epic road trip Down South with my homies.  For my non Australian readers, Down South is a local term referring to the popular South West region of Western Australia (WA).

The South West region boasts one of the world’s 34 biodiversity hot spots and includes a couple of cities and shires.  Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to check out all 34 spots, but I suggested some of my favourite not-so-secret locations to my friends on top of the places that they wanted to check out as well.



Our first stop was Busselton, about three hours drive from Perth City.   The first time I went to Busselton was back in 2010 for Southbound, a famous 3 day music festival here in WA and although I’ve been back a few times since, it’s never for sight seeing.


Busselton Jetty

Like most places in the South West region, Busselton’s growth over the past decade has been centred along the shores of Geographe Bay.  For instance, the iconic Busselton Jetty was built because the shallow waters of Geographe Bay restricted ship movement and a long jetty was required so that cut timber could be transported to ships.  At 1841 metres, the Busselton Jetty is said to be the longest wooden structure in the southern hemisphere.

image-2 copy 3

Lunch at The Fire Station Bar and yes it was actively used as one until 1990

image-2 copy 2

squid and chorizo are a match made in heaven

For this trip, we chose Busselton as our base, staying at Siesta Park holiday resort.  The resort  has adventure playgrounds (such as the flying fox and tarzan swing) and normally when I travel with my girlfriends, I’m the one that has to beg them to try some crazy stuff, traveling with boys however it’s the other way around.  I posted a couple of videos on some of the things they made me do on my Instagram page, but I get to boss them around so can’t really complain.

image copy 2

At Busselton City Centre with my homies


Doing a Miley, lol!

Our villa was also just a few blocks from the beach and so in the morning we’d have a quick dip in our backyard pool hehe.

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Margaret River

A South West trip is not complete without checking its most popular town, Margaret River, which is located in the valley of the eponymous Margaret River.  This little town is renowned for its surfing location and for its wine production and tourism, attracting an estimated half a million visitors annually.  Due to time constraints I decided to bring my friends to one of my favourite wineries in Margaret River, the rustic and romantic Laurance Winery.


Hard to not take a pretty picture

image-2 copy 5

Food first before wine tasting


How beautiful is this chandelier made out of wine glasses?

image-2 copy 8 image-2 copy 7

One of Margaret River’s popular beaches, Surfers Point is well-loved among surfers for its big waves and mainbreak.  Beside the beach is Margaret Rivers Rivermouth.

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Rivermouth of Margaret River

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We went back the following day for some canoeing action

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Dunsborough is actually my favourite.  I have a lot of fun summer memories in this quaint little town and driving down here always makes me happy.

image-2 copy 6

My sugar levels definitely went up on this trip.


Enjoying this organic red wine at The Pour House

Cape Naturaliste

I wanted to show my friends Cape Naturaliste as well, which is a headland but took the wrong turn and ended up doing the Cape to Cape hiking track instead.  We didn’t go up the lighthouse but if you do, you’ll get breathtaking panoramic views of the Indian Ocean, Cape Naturaliste, Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park and the beautiful Geographe Bay coastline.

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We made a new friend, a poisonous snake I named Sam.

Bunker Bay

Decided to take them to Bunker Bay afterwards, and as expected, they went bonkers.  This beach is simply beautiful.


Our little piece of paradise for the day and the day after lol


Celebrating first day of summer in Australia, in style.


Perfect place to practice my levitation skills.

Haven’t played Pusoy Dos in almost 15 years, so when JP brought cards and suggested we play it I was quite ecstatic.  Back in my undergrad days in La Salle, my classmates and I would play Pusoy Dos in secret, because if we get caught playing/gambling on campus we will get into serious trouble.  We were grandmasters of Pusoy Dos and good to know after all these years I still know how to win.


Thanks to JP, Adam and Andy for a jam-packed short trip, the 90s Music marathon, Pusoy Dos, home cooked breakfast, Tarzan swing, snakes, getting stung by jelly fish, giving you guys mini heart attack with my driving and for having to take my gazillion pictures because I’m a crazy perfectionist.

Where to next?