Sacre Coeur

Sacre Coeur

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Triple treat: Notre Dame Cathedral, River Seine and the love locks

Shakespeare and Company

This bookstore has been featured in a lot of popular films that it has become a tourist attraction.


Guess who I bumped into inside the store? None other than the beautiful Piper Perabo (Covert Affairs)


So cheesy lol!

Galeries Lafayette

Inside the luxurious Galeries Lafayette


My French friend took us on top of the store to get amazing views of Paris, trust locals to know these stuff.

Rue du Chat-qui-Pêche

Rue du Chat-qui-Pêche is the narrowest street in Paris

château de Versailles (Day Trip)


Best description for Versailles: Over the top!IMG_2200 IMG_2225 IMG_2234 IMG_2237 IMG_2258 IMG_2244  IMG_2248 IMG_2219 IMG_2208 IMG_2231


Eiffel Tower    

Eiffel Tower

Fun Fact: Been to the Eiffel Tower twice already but still haven’t climbed it because it’s always crazy packed. One of my favourite man made structures though.

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Musee du Louvre


I swear this guy looked like Justin Timberlake.

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Most of my pictures are taken by this beautiful young lady.


Can’t thank my friend Damien enough for taking the time to tour us around the city. Unfortunately I forgot the name of this super cute restaurant.


Update: Damien said the name of the restaurant is La Table du Palais Royal. Merci!


The kind of stunts I do that embarrass my friends and that I don’t always post (wink).

Forget Paris. Paris Belongs to Us. Paris Blues. Paris Express. Paris Holiday. Paris is Burning. Paris Trout. Midnight in Paris. Paris When it Sizzles. The Last Time I Saw Paris. An American Werewolf in Paris. Paris Hilton (lol!)

Paris is arguably one of the most cliched/used city in literature for very obvious reasons.  The place is truly magnifiqué. Its history is drenched with opulence (with a capital O), romance and tragedy like an overpriced cocktail with a lot going on but it’s so bloody good you keep coming back for more.

Of course, there are some people that feel the opposite.  Most common remark is that Parisians are rude. (I say if you think French people are rude,  go to Hong Kong).

This is obviously not the case for me. I love Paris. So much, I came back.  I also happen to have a lot of French friends and they’re really nice peeps.  Although, to tell you honestly, as much as I love listening to them speak their native language, my ears hurt when some of them try to speak in English (no offence, I have the weirdest accent too).

Sigh, if only I could speak and understand French, I swear my life would be extra perfect. Lol.  Ma soeur a un crayon jaune.

Je t’aime,


(a.k.a. the honorary Frenchie, well at least my real name is)